Behind every creation of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery is a story told in precious stones and light. One of the most prominent jewellery designers in Asia, Jul B. Dizon has created a true legacy of luxury that spans forty years.  Each collection carries out the tradition of excellence and artisanship instilled by the company’s founder, master jeweller and matriarch, Jul B. Dizon.

1940s: Master and Matriarch

Hailed as a master jewellery designer, the matriarch of the family business Jul B. Dizon honed her craft at an early age, working in her mother’s Golden Earrings Jewellery Store in Bambang Street, Manila. As early as 12 years old, Jul was already learning the trade with the store’s plateros,or goldsmiths, handling precious stones, and weighing diamonds. In the tradition of true artisanship, the unique skills of jewellery making and the pursuit of perfection were passed from mother to daughter and remains at the core of the family business.

1978: Premier Store

In 1978, Jul ventured on her own and established a jewellery store bearing her name. It soon gained an outstanding reputation in the Philippines for its innovative designs, superior craftsmanship, quality service and after sales assistance.

1980 - 1999: Worldwide Acclaim

Jul B. Dizon became the most awarded jewellery store in the Philippines with a Presidential Award for business achievement and twelve major international awards, including prizes in design competitions by Swarovski, the Korean Jewellery Guild and the Italian Gold Council. One of her most prestigious accomplishments was being the first Filipino jeweller to win the Diamonds International Awards by De Beers, hailed as the “Oscars of the jewellery industry”.

2000s: Living the Legacy

Today, Jul’s children Janina, Candice, Cedric and wife Ginny, Christoffer and wife Lucille make up the third generation of jewellers, continuing the legacy that began in that small jewellery shop in Bambang. Each one is a talented, multi-awarded designer showcasing their unique perspectives and styles, and all sharing Jul’s aim for perfection.


Multi-faceted, multi-awarded Jul B. Dizon has been celebrated the world over in some of the most prestigious jewelry design competitions that span over four decades.

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