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The timeless symbols of Philippine culture - the sun, the vinta, the Philippine eagle and sampaguita flower - are the centerpiece of everyday jewellery that include rings, pendants, pins, cufflinks and bracelets. These pieces are embellished luxuriously with diamonds and gold over black agate, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, carabao horn and wood.

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Agila Bracelet ClipAgila Bracelet Clip
Agila Bracelet Clip Sale price₱0.00
Agila Cufflinks
Agila Cufflinks Sale price₱0.00
Agila PendantAgila Pendant
Agila Pendant Sale price₱0.00
Agila Ring
Agila Ring Sale price₱0.00
Araw Bracelet ClipAraw Bracelet Clip
Araw Bracelet Clip Sale price₱0.00
Araw CufflinksAraw Cufflinks
Araw Cufflinks Sale price₱0.00
Araw PendantAraw Pendant
Araw Pendant Sale price₱0.00
Araw Ring
Araw Ring Sale price₱0.00
Sampaguita Earring
Sampaguita Earring Sale price₱0.00
Sampaguita Hook Earrings
Sampaguita Hook Earrings Sale price₱0.00
Sampaguita PendantSampaguita Pendant
Sampaguita Pendant Sale price₱0.00
Sampaguita Ring
Sampaguita Ring Sale price₱0.00
Vinta CufflinksVinta Cufflinks
Vinta Cufflinks Sale price₱0.00
Vinta Hook Earrings
Vinta Hook Earrings Sale price₱0.00
Vinta PendantVinta Pendant
Vinta Pendant Sale price₱0.00
Vinta Ring
Vinta Ring Sale price₱0.00