Candice Dizon

Whimsical and freeflowing, Candy draws inspiration from the natural world. Departing from geometric rigidity, she adopts an organic approach for her designs and uses assorted chunky and colored gemstones. Recalling her mother’s work, Candy fondly remembers that Jul never used a ruler and an eraser during her creative process, “so that the outcome would be pure and unrestricted.” It’s an old lesson that still influences her work today, as seen in her collection that ranges from bold modern pieces to vintage-inspired creations.

Ginny Dizon

As a designer, Ginny believes that there are stories in the stones.“I am fascinated by the rich history and the lore of gemstones, and I like enriching my designs with historical backgrounds and mythologies,” she shares. She once designed a winning piece for an international competition for the Tanzanite Foundation, wherein she personified the story of tanzanite’s discovery in a piece of jewellery. Ginny takes inspiration from both past and future - whether it’s historical pieces that tell a story about a certain person or era, or futuristic, sci-fi concepts that led her to design a collection of robots and Millennium Falcon-inspired brooches.

Lucille Dizon

As an homage to her Chinese lineage, Lucille is primarily inspired by the Orient and enriches her designs by looking at Asia’s rich and long cultural history. An avid traveler, Lucille draws inspiration from architecture, traveling, art and fashion. Whenever she designs a piece, she seeks to merge tradition with modernity, and plays with brightly colored stones to let her visions come to life.

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